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jxProject is a Java application that comes with an adverstisement supported free version and a commercial version. It is a simple project / gantt chart tool. This software requires the latest JRE from Sun Microsystems.

Main features include:
  • Supported task link types: Finish to Start, Finish to Finish, Start to Finish, Start to Start,
  • Resource User with positive/negative lag.
  • Arbitrary constraints: Start After, Finish After, Start Before, Finish Before.
  • Full Undo/Redo and Cut/Copy/Paste functionality.
  • Full time resource leveling with user ability to enable/disable.
  • A resource optimizer which automatically identifies gaps in resource schedules and moves tasks into those gaps.
  • Tasks may be of fixed work, fixed duration, or fixed span. Task schedule driver is clearly indicated in the table.
  • Familiar hierarchical parent/child task structure: summary task/task
    No limit to the number of links per task.
  • Resource Assignments: Any combination from none, one, multiple or partial resources.
    Clear and traceable circular constraint violation messages allows user to locate dependency problems.
  • Drag and Drop to move/copy tasks in the table/chart.
  • Drag and Drop resources onto assigned tasks. [Multiple resources to multiple tasks in a single operation]
  • Fully supports shift work scheduling such as first, second, third and/or swing shifts. Four day, ten hour days 4x10s.
  • Resources inherit schedules from their parent calendars, overriding of parent schedules is fully supported.
  • Each calendar has a timezone which is used consistently throughout all scheduling calculations.
  • Supports scheduling of work time, time off, or paid time off.
  • The user can define Full Time Equivalent (FTE) work hours for display/edit of actual work of resources.

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