Concept Draw Project 3

Concept Draw is a beautifully designed project management application that can run both on the Windows and Mac platform and make use of Microsoft Project XML for data interchange between Concept Draw and Microsoft Project. The user interface is intuitive and very appealing.

The latest UI features include Smart Multi Selection, Task Link with Drag and Drop, Colour and Filtering, Information Sorting, Filter Toolset, Network Diagram and Critical Path Management.
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The application is designed to allow for easy management of multiple projects with the Multi Project Workspace. Advance Editing and Powerful Reporting System makes it a good project worth looking at. (read more at

We give it a colourful rating of 4/5.


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Gerome Klaus said...

Concept-Draw PROJECT offers the full set of features you need to plan, organize and manage a project, including task and resource management, reporting, and change control – this is not only interesting for project managers (to be in time and in budget is a team responsibility).
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